Privacy & Data Protection
We do care about protection of privacy and data related to our visitors and players - this section thus explains which information is being stored and how we use them.

a) Website
Every access to (parts of) this web presence is being stored in log files, which includes the opened URL, date and time of the event, IP address of the visitor as well as more optional data provided by the browser in use. These are common logs created by the web server software - Apache in our case. The contents of these logs can not be used to trace any specific individual. After a certain storage time as required by law, these logs are being deleted. Third party has no access to these log files or their contents.

b) Ingame
In order to provide optimum playing experience, we preemptively look for errors. This means there may be certain logging mechanisms active (concerning chats, IP addresses, ingame actions and in general timestamps) on our Minecraft servers that are essential in detecting errors and finding solutions to correct them as fast as possible, which also means that we are usually able to provide answers right away. Depending on their technical usefulness and depending on possible law requirements, some of these logs may be deleted after a few days while others might be stored upto a year (or more, if law actually requires us to). Third party has no access to these log files or their contents.

c) Global Bans
By unlocking ingame, players agree that, in the event of certain violations of our rules, we may pass on certain account-specific data to the banning platform in the form of an "MCBans Global Ban". This includes:

- the unique ID (UUID) of the account, which is generally publicly visible,
- the time of the ban,
- the reason for the ban,
- and clear evidence (sometimes on demand, sometimes without a specific request)

Any Global Ban submitted can then be viewed publicly. Since server-operators are able to connect with each other through MCBans, other server-operators are given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they want to allow MCBans-banned Minecraft accounts to play on their servers. Since MCBans always gives the benefit of a doubt to the accused (i.e. in the absence of clear evidence), unjustified Global Bans can be challenged by the respective account holder, which - in the case of ban removal - means that the respective server will be permanently punished instead.

The fundamental service provided by MCBans is in principle equivalent to a house ban. Functionally comparable services have been integrated in a large number of online games and gaming platforms and are nowadays necessary for game server networks such as ours to be able to provide smooth and enjoyable gameplay for players.

(d) Right of Access
Every user and player has a fundamental right to information regarding the personal data stored about him/her on our server. In order to exercise this right, the user or player has to contact us via e-mail or postally to inform us of her/his wish to do so - either requesting data in general or asking about specific information. Unambiguous proof of identification has to be provided or we will not be permitted to give out any information whatsoever.

e) Public Ingame Chat
To overcome the language barrier between our players, we use to provide live translations of the public ingame chat. For this purpose, each text entered in the public chat is being sent to an interface of DeepL in an encrypted form, translated and immediately deleted by DeepL. This whole process does not contain any kind of secret/private data and applies exclusively to the public chat. Whispers and ingame mails are not affected.